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Since 1991, we have been producing world-class high-grade quality coconut products. We are the world’s largest user of coconut as a raw material, processing an estimate of over 8.5 million pieces of coconuts a day. We are able to meet the growing demands of international by investing in high-grade equipment and our 6,000-strong committed staff.

The legacy of Primex Group of Companies is crafted by our One-Source Story. The coconut is the tree of life and we want to pay respect to this wonder of nature by streamlining our entire production. Each product comes out pure and as natural as it could be because it is handled by hands that care.

From picking to packing, from plantation to processing, from harvest to home – there is a seamless cycle in the Primex Production. Everything is made with only the freshest products picked straight from the tree like how nature intended it to be.

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