Brand Architecture

We help keep your brands organized by providing you a structure for your company’s portfolio of brands. By organizing your mother brand and the sub-brands under it into a house of premier brands, your consumers are given a better understanding of the products and services that your company offers.

Brand Story

The story that your brand tells sets it apart from the other commodities in the market. We can help build your brand by determining a value proposition for your product so that you have a main anchor that will give it distinction. This will become a solid foundation to base your marketing plan on and help you strategize for future growth.

Consumer Branding

This is branding for fast-moving products. We can help give your product its own unique look and feel through the creative application of various marketing collaterals, packaging, slogans and even naming.

Corporate Identity

Once you have a chosen logo, the look is cascaded down to all your corporate collaterals such as your business cards and letterheads, further solidifying the overall look and personality of your company.

Retail Identity

We create designs that can be translated into any given three dimensional space -- whether it be a physical store or a showroom. We will determine guidelines that will highlight your brand's identity to achieve stronger recognition.

Digital Branding

In today’s world, digital branding is a must have. Websites, mobile applications, e-newsletters and anything else that can be sent or used over digital media uses digital branding.

Environmental Graphic Design

Also called Experiential Graphic Design or EGD, this design is all about helping people navigate through a certain space to get from one point to another. EGDs create and shape a real sense of any given space.

Ingredient Branding

Also known as Co-branding, ingredient branding entails creating a brand and relationship for a component that is further used in another item or company.


What’s in a name? In any business, the success of a company, product or service starts with the right name. We bring life to a particular brand by helping you decide what to call it since the right name is able to impart a specific tone and personality to something instantaneously.


Want to make your product stand out from the shelves? We can design not only how the box or wrapping of your product will look, but also create interesting ways to encase your products in. We create impressive designs that compel the customer to buy while providing important product information all in an attractive packaging. Let us design an eye-catching and functional packaging that will grab the attention of buyers.


If it can be printed on any type of paper, we can help design it for you. Sales collaterals, brochures, newsletters, print advertisement and banners are just some of the things that we can design for you.