It’s the little things.

Previously we covered why the way you name your brand is important. Hand-in-hand with that are the visuals you allow people to associate with it. Minimalism is big right now, and no one can really foresee that trend backing down any time soon.

1. It’s in the details. – The saying “Less is more” is absolutely true. Keep your message and objective straightforward. Save sprawling designs for adult coloring books. (Which are great, by the way.)

2. Get creative! – Your design should spark conversations. Use the tools and design elements at your disposal to make visual commentary about the subject matter.

3. Write it out. – A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a clever little caption won’t hurt your cause. Just as in design, don’t expect the first thing you come up with to be the cleverest thing ever. Feel free to consult a thesaurus while you’re starting out!

4. White Space, the final frontier. – The art industry used to call it “negative space”, but you don’t have to let that confine you. The empty space around your design could even help frame it better if you work with it well.

5. Contrast, contrast, contrast. – A juxtaposition of opposites tends to draw the eye. It also helps a clever design really pop and stand out.

Treat your brand like a face; the name’s got to go with it, but you’ve also got to doll it up right to present it to the world.