Websites are essential these days!

Is there anything more frustrating than a good brand without consistent online presence? Well, admittedly, many things—but this is definitely in the top 40. Maybe.

Don’t let your brand become a bad statistic; get things going with these tips:

1. Design for devices – Layouts shift between desktops and tablets and phones, so make sure your design works across the board. WordPress does a great job of this.

2. Picture perfect – Make sure your photos are set at a quality/format such that they stay sharp but also load quickly. PNG is a normally recommended format.

3. Content that clicks – Make it informative, engaging, and concise. Catchy copy can boost your stats, too. Independent news sites like Buzzfeed and Slate demonstrate this pretty well.

4. Don’t get lost – Make your website easily searchable. You don’t have to be the first thing someone sees on Google, but it helps to be on the first page.

5. Sign them up! – For all that people complain about getting newsletters they actually signed up for, they still need the updates. Make sure your social media are on point–accounts that people are happy to follow.

It all sounds very contrived, but you have to target your audience where they are. And they’re on their phones.