Some of our favorite projects involve coming up with a brand’s look, including but not limited to their packaging. Here are a few examples that we either worked on ourselves or were just inspired by.

1. The Carewell Community


The assumption is that non-profits don’t tend to have great packaging, but we took The Carewell Community – in a different direction. Bold but classic colors made their fundraising goods really stand out.

2. Delimondo

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Went from food fairs to shelf stock at a pretty impressive pace. More than anything, their aesthetic is almost a non-aesthetic—straightforward, unassuming, and clean.

3. Theo + Philo Chocolate

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Theo + Philo Chocolate has the opposite take on their wrappings, heavy on vectors and geometrics. Still, they manage to be colorful but easy on the eye, drawing it all together with a sturdy font.

4. Lush

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Speaking of fonts, Lush gets away with a handwritten/hand-painted look to their lettering. It makes the brand overall look approachable, even though they’re widely associated with luxurious self-care routines.

5. URC


When designing for food–snacks, specifically–it’s generally a good idea for the packaging to reflect not only the product itself, but the flavors as well. We did exactly that with URC and their Jack ‘n Jill snacks.

6. Don Papa Rum

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Talk about old school! Don Papa Rum keeps it vintage with their swirling patterns and a font that looks like it belongs over a saloon doorway. It’s a familiar look that draws attention to itself.